Sarah Tahon, an immensely talented french photographer with a deep love for London, helped us to create a campaign which encapsulated the timeless, iconic yet distinctively trend-led vision for Hot Futures. Shooting the campaign using both 35mm film and modern camera equipment meshed the old with the new while keeping a freshness and individualism to each image. 


Ishtar and Cosmo, individualists with the looks of 1960's band members and the characters of 1920's movie stars carried the products through time in these beat out analog shots which shifted from the clean to the obscure. Hot Futures eyewear draws inspiration from the iconic to the futuristic and Cosmo and Ishtar brought these principles to enigmatic life. Never take yourself too seriously but retain that confidence that you have the power to tread your own distinct path - a mantra for the future. 


Styling by our very own Rachel Colless, who you can also get to know if you pop in to the Hot Futures Shoreditch store, wanted to feature clothing accessories which meshed 90's inspired everyday wear with the sophistication of 80's fabrics and textures. Velours, silks and gold jewellery set next to rugged denim, band t-shirts and retro sportswear. We, the Hot Futures founders, Tanya and Jake, started off our fashion journey selling one of a kind vintage pieces in a market deep in the underground of Brick Lane, so this was a style we were super excited to integrate into the shoot.